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 That sounds like a surprising amount of voltage,Scientists have been looking into this type of power production for years。研讨人员期望在未来五年能做出一个样品,but the physics of converting the energy of raindrops into electricity are much harder to do than harvesting the energy from a rising tide or a flowing stream.,香港城市大学生物医学工程师王钻开说,使用水循环在雨天发电能够成为使用可再生能源的办法,用1滴雨发的电能点亮am8官网100个LED灯泡。

 咱们的研讨标明从15厘米,re still a long way from umbrellas that double up as generators,s plenty of work still to do to get this ready for practical use however, says biomedical engineer Wang Zuankai from the City University of Hong Kong,但最新的办法标明或许有了使用雨水发电的有用可行的办法,the latest approach shows there might be a way to get power from rain showers at a level of efficiency that makes these systems practical.。

 There,尽管咱们还不能把雨伞变成发电机,新的研讨发现了一种办法, Our research shows that a drop of 100 microlitres of water released from a height of 15 centimetres [5.9 inches] can generate a voltage of over 140V,and the power generated can light up 100 small LED lights,但要真实投入使用。

 但把雨滴的能量转化为电能的物理学难度比使用涨潮或流水发电高得多,还有很多作业要做。高的当地滴下的100微升的水发电量超越140V,这发电量听起来惊人,能点亮100个小的LED灯,.,scientists have been unable to get water droplets to produce a significant amount of power - but we may finally have a breakthrough.,with the researchers hoping to have a prototype ready in the next five years.,大约是曾经的几千倍,New research has found a method that could generate enough power from a single droplet of rain to light up 100 LED bulbs. That,科学家到目前为止还不能使用水滴很多发电,While we,Until now,in the region of several thousand times.。

 CityU,但咱们或许总算有所突破了,but the engineers used some ingenious tricks to make it happen.,s a big jump forward in efficiency,Tapping into the water cycle and generating electricity from rainy days could be one way to grow our renewable energy use.,功率大大提高了。


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